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"We guarantee all labor for life" on all products purchased from us. That's how sure we are on our workmanship!

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Before Your Floor Arrives

Installing new floors doesn’t have to be daunting. Here are four key steps to consider before the floor of your dreams makes its grand entrance.

Carpet Prep Sheet

What you should do before the Carpet Mechanic arrives. Please be present for your installation.

Hardsurface Prep Sheet

What you should do before the Flooring Mechanic arrives - for Wood, Laminate, and Vinyl installs

How To Work With Color

Show off your true colors with a cohesive color palette

Us Vs Box Stores

What we offer ... that big-box discount stores probably don’t!


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Furnish and Install

We have two crews of Hardwood / Hard surface mechanics and 3 crews of carpet mechanics. All of them have been handpicked and have been working with us well over 5 years.

To schedule installation services, please contact us.The installation process length varies based on the size of the job. Most installs take only one day or less. Look us up on our Facebook say. We think you'll be pleased by other customers' positive installation experiences. We are always on time and courteous.

Shop at Home

Now days people all over the world shop online at the comfort of pajamas at home. We provide the same thing and then bring samples of your interests to you so you can shop at home without changing out of your pajamas.

In-Home Measurements / Consultations

We offer free estimates with absolutely NO obligation. Estimates are important so we know what exactly needs to be done, and how much material and labor in order for the homeowner to plan and budget. The length of time to do an estimate depends on the size of the job, averaging 30 to 45 minutes. We then talk / consult your needs and how we move forward. The owner, Akbar, does all the consulting. He has over 33 years of carpet laying and customer service experience. The consultation benefits the homeowner to help them make the proper choice. Please contact us for assistance. 

Carpet Binding

We do regular 1/2 inch nylon binding at regular price, custom binding such and cotton binding, and wide binding or even 6 inch fabric binding. It usually takes 4 to 6 business days for binding, longer for special and custom. All binding is sent out to professional shop. We are the "ONLY" local retailer who offers custom bindings. Please contact our store for more information.

Asbestos Removal

Safe removal and disposal of ACFM Asbestos Containing Floor Material using OSHA work practices

Repair, Reseam & Re-Stretch

Extend the life of your investment! We do carpet re-stretch when there are wrinkles in the carpet due to age or when there has been too much carpet cleaning (and when carpet replacement is not necessary.

If a seam has come apart or there needs to be a patch due to stain / damage, we can help, if the homeowner has extra carpet of the same. Then "it very well is repairable."